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Take a Load Off and Drink Some Red Wine

July 8th, 2011 by Kevin Baldacci | 2 Comments »


The studies are in folks and it is official…drinking red wine slows the negative affects of laziness. Thanks to French scientists, we now know that a little glass of vino to go along with several hours of couch-surfing can slow bone density loss and muscle atrophy.

For all of you grape growers out there tuning in on this pinnacle point in our history, we have a new market for you…NASA. One of the worst side effects of spaceflight for astronauts are similar to laziness: bone density loss and muscle atrophy due to lack of movement. French scientists (typical) worked with rats in a weightless environment to simulate spaceflight. Well, they hung them by their tails. One rat received a daily dose of reservatrol, commonly found in red wine, while the control rat remained untreated. The results were astounding and I’m sure researchers popped open some fine wine to celebrate the news. The control rat lost bone and muscle density and developed insulin resistance while the rat who received resveratrol did not encounter any of those side effects.

Now I know these rats received resveratrol pills rather than hanging from their tails drinking wine through a straw (great visual), but it’s essentially the same thing. So go ahead and don’t feel bad or worry about the negative affects of laziness or sitting at your keyboard all day. Just pop open a little glass of red wine and drink to your health and to those brave rats that helped give us another reason to watch one more hour of SportCenter.

Check out the full story: Full Story

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