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January 2010 – TO DO’s

January 11th, 2010 by Debi | 2 Comments »


#1. Write TO DO list.

#2. Rethink and edit this massive list

Its always the same — resolutions and then the stark reality that what we do all day might actually be enough and that these endless “To Do’s” will only make us crazy!! Here at the winery, we make our lists with great intentions and then get caught up in the present (greeting visitors, answering emails, shipping wine) and we never get to that elusive Blue Sky Thinking that we think we need.

So, for 2010, we resolve …  to be happy;  to enjoy fantastic wine — ours and our fellow vintners; to stay in touch with our friends; and to learn something new as often as possible (let’s not push the everyday thing!).

What do you all resolve? We hope that your plans include Baldacci Family Vineyards. Please let us know when you visit either in person or virtually. We love to hear from you as often as possible. Happy 2010!!

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2 Responses to “January 2010 – TO DO’s”

  1. evenanerd says:

    #3. Search everywhere for last year’s list, finally locate it under a pile of dust, next to the book on organizing, between the pages of the daytimer that was designed to solve your time management challenges, which is inside that perfect designer gym bag (also dusty) that was going to inspire you to workout more.

    #4. Set fire to item #3 above in hopes that no one will find out.

    #5. Turn on CD from Rivers Rutherford and relive the joys of the Nashville in Napa event from last year.

  2. Debi says:

    Great! We’ve got 5 things on our list … anyone else??

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